Dream Zone was Naughty Dog's first game that was technically multiplatform; appearing on both Apple II and
Commodore's Amiga platform . Dream Zone was published by the same company as Ski Crazed (Naughty Dog's game prior to Dream Zone). Dream Zone was a text heavy adventure game with graphics that were considered ahead for its time.


Dream Zone was a modest hit for Naughty Dog selling 10,000 copies and netting the company $15,000. However, regardless of the success they felt that Baudville (their publisher at the time) was not making the cut for them so they cut ties. They then proceeded to call EA practically out of the blue and were asked to send them a copy of Dream Zone. They liked it and offered them $15,000 to make their new game.

Critical ReceptionEdit

Compute! said that "it truly conveys a dream like feeling." Dream Zone was also awarded 5 out of 5 stars from Dragon in 1988.


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