Ski Crazed was the second and last game made by Naughty Dog for the Apple II (before the Apple IIGS).

Box art for Ski Crazed

This is considered by the developer's t be their first "real" game. Also, like Math Jam (their first game) it was made by just two people. The basic premise was a guy skiing down hill and picking up chicks and ending in a hot tub.


Unlike their first game, Ski Crazed was actually sort-of successful. Originally named Ski Stud, the game was sold to a publisher who requested the name change. In development, they encountered many issues and were forced to use what would be considered unorthadox programming techniques that they would later contribute to their large scale success. Ski Crazed sold 1500 units and the developers got $2 a copy. Since all of their equipment was payed for by their parents, all of the money went into their next game.

Critical ReceptionEdit

Unfortunately, I could find no critical reception of any form for Ski Crazed.